In 1970, Murray and Margaret Dryden founded Sleeping Children Around the World to provide bedkits to children who had no bed to sleep on.
It was a great honour to have Dave Dryden, son of Murray and Margaret, speak to our club on March 27 2018 and give us an idea of how SCAW has progressed. From one bedkit in 1970 to over 1.6 million in 2018 it has been quite a story. For a simple donation of C$35 a bedkit will be provided to a child in need. The kits are sourced in the countries where they are distributed, thus providing income for local small businesses. It is a "Win-Win".
The full donation of C$35 goes to the production of the bedkit. Volunteers and income from a legacy left by Murray and Margaret cover the administration.
What a great project !
If you or someone you know is having trouble thinking of a gift for someone, how about giving a bedkit in their name. They will receive a photo of the recipient receiving their kit.
Just contact to make your donation.
This project is supported by Rotary Clubs around the world.