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October 9 2017
The Future of Food  
Sept 12 2017
Latif Nassar, How do we know what we know.
Going to the Arctic? Look out for the camels.
Aug 29 2017
Julian Treasure makes some suggestions about "How to speak so that people will want to listen"
August 22 2017
Frederic Kaplan explains how he built an information time machine.
August 8 2017
Scary/interesting information on the impact of so much focus on our screens.
July 25 2017
July 11 2017
What is Poverty
July 4 2017  Why?
June 13 2017   Happiness
May 23 2017 Canadian Nurses Foundation on indigenous nurses
May 9 2017 Talk to animals
April 11 2017 Casey Brown talks about knowing your value and getting what you're worth
March 28 2917  TED Talk about 'Slow TV'
Feb 28 2017  Ashley Judd. She discusses online abuse of women